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Home learning in case of absence

Year 5 class home learning

In case of absence please find all the home learning for this term below:

Any questions let us know! smiley



World Book Week 1st March - 5th March


Dear Parents/ Carers,


To celebrate World Book Day, Scholastic are providing free events for children from Monday 1st March – Friday 5th March 2021. As a school, we have access to this event as we hold our annual Book Fair with them.


Mr Paice and Miss Garner have picked the following authors and events for you: 

  • Monday 1st March at 10am: ‘Drawalong’ Doodle along Tom Gates style with Liz Pichon   
  • Friday 5th March at 11am: ‘Writing workshop’ Fantasy world-building with Vashti Hardy 
  • Friday 5th March at 4pm: ‘Book club’ with Michael Rosen 

To attend these events, you will need to sign up to the suggested sessions beforehand using the following link will then need to enter this password clubsandfairs. You are welcome to sign up to more if you wish.


Before signing up to the events, we would like to make you aware that these sessions will be accessed by many schools and children across the country, who are also likely to be logging in from home. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that comments made in the ‘chat box function’ will be monitored. We therefore suggest that if you do decide to sign up, that an adult is present in the room. It is also possible to close the ‘chat box’ entirely so that it is not visible on-screen.