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Home learning due to absence

Year 6 Home Learning

Whilst Year 6 are learning at home, all Home Learning can be accessed via the daily timetable sheets below. Each sheet contains a description of the activities along with links to the files needed for the lesson. There is also a link at the top of each sheet that opens a folder with all the files needed.


There is one file for all of Year 6, so some lessons may not be on the day your child would have it when in school


If you have any problems accessing the timetables or downloading the linked files, please email your teacher:

Our Mount Everest Travel Writing

Over the last few weeks we have been writing travel articles on climbing Mount Everest. Many of you wished to share your writing with the rest of the year group. We hope you enjoy reading the articles below as much as we did. 


And if you would like even more learning


You may find Khan Academy interesting. This is an American program so will present maths (or math) in new ways for you. If you creates a free account, you can track your learning using the Mastery Points awarded for completing the quizzes in each unit. A UK Year 6 is a Grade 5 on their site: 5th grade | Math | Khan Academy 


Year 6 and P7 Maths - Home Learning - BBC Bitesize also has a series of lessons you can use to revise from. You may wish to go to the Year 5 area too.



Pobble365 has daily reading questions and writing activities based upon a picture prompt. We love to use these in school. If you read them off the screen or download all of the daily activities as a PDF (look for the PDF button). Pobble have also produce a list of 25 non-screen based writing activites. You can download the file below and pick one or more to have a go at. 


Every-Day Edits has a lots of spot-the-error activities, where you need to read and correct a piece of text. Perfect for SPaG practice. The incorrect text and answers are both on one page; can you find all 10 errors?

Typing Skills

Being able to type with confidence and at speed is a great life-skill and will be really helpful at High School. The BBC have a great program Dance Mat Typing that will take you from zero to hero with your typing. 


Science and Geography

For extra interest, Crash Course Kids has fantastic playlists of their Science and Engineering videos: Crash Course Kids - YouTube After watching the video you could write a summary or make a poster to explain what you learnt. You could even have a go at making your own lesson and teacher a member of your family about the subject!