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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Staff member Role
Aldis, Carol Midday Supervisor/After School Club Worker
Barnes, Melinda Teaching Assistant
Bayfield, Pauline Teaching Assistant
Bradfield, Lisa Teaching Assistant
Brown, Emily Class Teacher
Burgess, Victoria Class Teacher
Chamberlain, Rachel Teaching Assistant/Breakfast Club Worker
Corina, Karen Secretary
Crockart, Natalie Teaching Assistant
Davey, Soumia Midday Supervisor/Cleaner
Deol, Amy After School Worker
Fey, Jane After School Worker
Garner, Hannah Class Teacher
Greavner, Sangeeta Teaching Assistant
Harding, Marc Assistant Head
Harrison, Amy Teaching Assistant/Midday Supervisor
Harvey, Linsy Teaching Assistant
Imaningtya, Astriani Midday Supervisor 
Keeble, Sandra Cleaner
King, Vivienne Teaching Assistant
Lambert, Debby Midday Supervisor 
Lane, Matthew Class Teacher
Lemmon, Michelle Teaching Assistant
Lightwing, Caroline Teaching Assistant
Mackay, Michele Finance Assistant/Librarian 
Maddox, Peter Caretaker/Midday Supervisor/Road Crossing Patrol
Mardell, Paul Class Teacher
Mayes, Emily Class Teacher
Miller, Rosaline Assistant Head
Moir, Jo School Support Manager
Morris, Sophia Class Teacher
Paice, Adam Class Teacher
Parslow-Williams, Matthew Headteacher
Paul, Jackie Midday Supervisor
Pim, Rowan Class Teacher
Simmonds, Adam Swimming Teacher
Smith, Frances Midday Supervisor
Whipps, Lesley Teaching Assistant/Breakfast Club Worker
Whiting, Tara Teaching Assistant
Wilkins, Lewis Class Teacher