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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!


Home learning during school closure


We are really enjoying hearing about how hard you are all working whilst you are at home! Well done and keep it up! If you email us your photos, stories (as word files) or anything else, we will upload it here. It's a chance for you to 'show off' your hard work and to see what everyone else is doing!

Maths challenge winner!

Congratulations to Martha for being the first Polar Bear to email Miss Miller with a solution to Maths challenge 3! You also provided a great explanation Martha - well done. Obviously, I'm not going to post the solution just yet, so there's still time to get them to your teacher. Who will be second??

Ellie has been learning about Egyptian mummification with a tomato!

Isla has been making the most of the warm weather in the garden ...

Chen has been playing the piano again - we love your videos Chen - well done!

Still image for this video

Another busy week for Ellie - capacity , building a marble run and baking!

Finding the difference between capacities
Designing and making a marble run!

And more from Joseph ....helping out and story writing...

Joseph has used every word from his set 4
spellings to write a Minecraft story!

Joseph entered the BBC 500 words writing competition - and has now received his certificate. Great stuff Joseph!

Another performance from Chen - especially for everyone with a 'lockdown' birthday!!

Still image for this video

Ethan has had a great go at the Spring photography challenge ...

A lovely desert scene and Spring poem here from Martha ....

More super work from Ellie ... a 'Spring' poem and computer coding!

Chen has demonstarted the R learning behaviour of 'resilience' here - a 1000 piece puzzle, taking 8 hours over 2 days!

Another busy week for Ace and Eva! Check out these super 'Spring' poems and creative clocks!

Isla has been using this extra time to develop her hobbies too - and to have some fun! It's really important for all of us to take care of our well-being.

Another video - this time from Bella, presenting the weather in Germany...

Still image for this video

Wow! Listen to Chen's piano practice - so talented!

Still image for this video

Chen has written a super 'Lost and Found' story!


Lost and Found Once there was a small boy called Joseph. Joseph was 8 years old, and he had a brother and 2 sisters.He is the oldest one in the family and he’s always there for them.One day he found a flying squirrel in his treehouse, he didn’t know where it had come from.The flying squirrel looked so doleful that Joseph thought it was lost. Joseph decided to help. First he checked with his neighbours but nobody kept flying squirrels. Next he checked with his friends but they didn't keep flying squirrels either. Joseph didn’t know where to go next. Finally, he went to the library and discovered that flying squirrels come from Canada! Joseph didn’t waste a single second to pack everything they would need and buy 2 tickets for the ferry. On the trip Joseph and the flying squirrel played games, read books and watched the sunset. Finally, they reached Canada! After they got out of the ferry Joseph gave some supplies to the flying squirrel and a plant for a gift. After shaking it’s hand Joseph went to buy another ticket for the ferry home.The flying squirrel looked downcast. On the way home Joseph felt lonely. There was no point of playing games because there was nobody to play with. There was point of reading books because there was nobody to read to and there was no point of watching the sunset because he arrived home early . Joseph walked home unhappily but when he nearly reached home something caught his eye, there was something on the door step. It was the flying squirrel! It was not lost, it just didn’t have a place to live! The flying squirrel moved into the treehouse. The flying squirrel and Joseph became best friends forever, and it was never lonely again!

More from Ellie ... this time some Science with shadows and a creative stick!

More shadows! Interesting prediction Ellie!
Investigating shadows

Poppy has been hard at work again - this time some super Science and story writing from week 2 ...

Investigating coins
Colour mixing
Fennec Fox research
Letter to eldery residents
Story part 1
Story part 2

Ethan has been very busy both creating and entering (and winning!) competitions!

Polar diorama in progress
Lego desert
Design an Easter egg competition
Desert diorama
Polar diorama complete!

Isla has been enjoying the sunshine whilst being creative and written a super 'Lost and Found' story - well done!

Poppy has been busy with her maths,and using her doubling skills to help with her cooking. Well done!

Great maths!
Fabulous revision of our skeleton!

Ace and Eva have each other to work with! Great Maths work guys! They have also been working on their family tree, desert research and practicing their money skills with a sweet shop.

Kitchen table maths
Great times tables - keep it up!
Desert animal research by Ace
Desert animal research by Eva
Sweet shop maths!
A super desert scene painted by Eva

  'The Lost Monkey' by Shalome

  Can you see how Shalome has shown that the monkey is angry? 



The Lost Monkey

Once upon a time there was a girl called Isabelle. One day she was coming home from school and she saw a monkey ““wow” said Isabelle. When the monkey saw her it started to follow Isabelle everywhere. The monkey looked sad and lost so she decided to help it.  

             First she checked the local police station but no one had reported a missing monkey. She was about to see where a monkey came from when something caught her eye it was a poster, it said lost monkey from the local zoo. If you have seen please take it back.

She walked while telling stories / throwing crumbs and playing game’s .They reached the zoo it was hard to say goodbye. After five minutes Isabelle left the zoo and was walking home angrily while kicking rock’s. When she got home she saw something at her was the monkey. She figured it wasn’t lost it was just lonely, now it lives in the spare bedroom.


The End.



Shalome E

Read Ellie's 'Lost and Found' story ...well done Ellie! She has also been investigating the magnetic properties of coins, with some interesting findings!

Ellie has also been researching a desert animal. Find out all about the sand dune cat .....



Welcome to Year 3 Polar Bears and Puffins! Your teachers are very proud of the way that you have settled into your new school and it feels like you have been here for ages! 



The children in Puffins and Polar Bears have been working very hard on creating an informative and interesting map of the UK. We've learned about important cities, nations, flags, rivers, mountains and seas and the 8 compass points.

Pictures to follow!

Photos of UK maps - Puffins

Martha from Polar Beas produced this detailed UK map!

In Puffin class we are enjoying reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as our class reader. What great vocabulary and character descriptions there are! We're taking inspiration from Roald Dahl and writing ideas in our Magpie Books. 

November 2019

Polar bears have been very busy at home, working on some activities from their UK fact files. They have produced some brilliant models and pictures - well done all!

Ellie - the O2
Bella - Big Ben
Eva - Big Ben
Ace - The London Eye
Ethan - the London Eye
Ily - Big Ben
  On Friday 8th November, Polar Bears enjoyed a karate taster session with a local karate group from Wymonham. Look at us in action!
Thank you very much for all of your contributions of coins to cover Pudsey! We enjoyed filling his face and raised £317 for Children In Need. 

Stone age home learning activities ...

To finish our Stone Age to Iron Age topic, we went to the forst school area to create our own shelters from natural materials. We tried to make them child sized. See what the Polar bears created!

Fröhliche Weihnachten!
We have had a wonderful Autumn Term in Year 3 and to end it we thought we would share with you some photos of our German Market yesterday. It was a lovely occasion and great so many family members could come and make it a special way to end the term. Merry Christmas from all the staff in Year 3!