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School Values

Church of England schools have at their heart a belief that all children are loved by God, are individually unique and that the school has a mission to help each pupil to fulfil their potential in all aspects of their personhood: physically, academically, socially, morally and spiritually. Our aim is that all may flourish and have an abundant life.


Our school values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.


We are very proud of our status as a Church School. As a community the governors, staff, pupils and parents share core values which are rooted in Christian principles; they inspire us and permeate our life and work together:






These guide our behaviour and our thinking; we believe that it is important for children to see values in action in order to develop their emotional intelligence and their own set of positive social, moral and spiritual values.  Each half-term the whole school community will focus on one of these values which will be introduced in collective worship, reinforced and celebrated in all areas of our school life, by adults and pupils alike. A values-based vocabulary is common to every school class.


We represent our core values on a symbolic tree to make it easier for us to relate to them and remember them.  They are rooted in everything we do and will help the children to grow in strength and understanding whilst at the school.


Our values reflect our ethos:

  • In the leadership and management of our school, its shared aims and mission statement.
  • In staff example and their use of moral language
  • In the subjects of the curriculum
  • In collective worship
  • In learning
  • In teaching methods