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Uniform Information

Our school uniform is supplied by Stevensons School Uniform Outfitters. Please follow this link to their website


School uniform is important to us. As well as helping to ensure that all of the children are well presented for school, it also is a great leveller and takes away any element of competition about who has the best or the right clothes, which can often occur if uniform is not worn and can lead to unpleasant bullying. We want all of the children to take pride in all they do, which includes their uniform. The uniform comprises a blue polo shirt, blue jumper and grey/black trousers, skirt or shorts. In the summer girls can wear blue gingham school dresses with black footwear. We insist that the footwear is black; if not, teachers have to spend a great deal of time deciding what is allowed and what is not. Keeping uniform simple is clear for everyone and ensures that staff can concentrate on teaching and not talking about what is allowed or not. For PE, the children can wear a school PE shirt or a plain white/blue t-shirt, blue/black shorts and plimsolls or trainers. A track-suit, or similar, and trainers are useful in colder weather.


We encourage children to leave jewellery at home on school days, although plain silver or gold stud earrings may be worn and children may wear watches at their own risk. All earrings must be removed or taped for PE and cannot be worn when the children are swimming. Please take this into account if you are thinking of allowing your child to have their ears pierced, as they will miss their swimming if earrings cannot be removed.  Make up, including nail varnish is also not allowed.


Thank you for your cooperation and support.