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Welcome to Year 1 - The Polar Bears



A trip into space


On Tuesday we went on a space adventure to the planet Harmony. First, it was important to make sure we had the right equipment. To be proper astronauts we all agreed that we needed space helmets, so we set about making some. We boarded our spaceship. When we arrived, we soon realised that on planet Harmony there was very little gravity. We decided to explore and space walked our way around our new surroundings. We spotted mountains, animals, strange buildings and even met a space creature called Azure!

We cannot wait to write all about our exciting trip later next week.


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Christian Aid week 2022

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During Christian Aid Week 2022, everyone in the school has been learning about Christian Aid and their work to support people living in poverty and tackling injustice. In Polar Bears, we have been learning about what poverty is, and the difference between a "want" and a "need". Here are some of our wants and needs .....



This morning we have been been learning how to solve problems by counting in multiples of a number and sorting into equal groups. 


We have been reading our maths this morning. For example, following 3 x 2 = with our finger, we have read it carefully as '3 groups of 2 equals'


Once we had sorted our numbers into equal groups, we counted them in multiples to find the answer.

Talk For Writing

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Watch Mrs Burgess telling the story 'Toys in Space'. We have been practising lots in school, can you practise at home too? This will really help you with your writing next week.

Toys in Space



On Tuesday 1st March, Polar Bear Class came in to discover a very unusual goings on! Throughout the day, their missing toys were appearing all over school and it seemed as though they were parachuting in through the windows. The children spent a long time discussing what on earth was going on. Possible theories included the tooth fairy had taken them when she had been collecting teeth, or perhaps it was the Easter bunny delivering the toys to school as a special treat before Easter. Someone suggested that the toys may have been on a holiday together to visit their friends and now it was time to come home.


It wasn't until after lunch that Mr Parslow Williams came to the door with a parcel that had been delivered for Mrs Burgess. It was a book called 'Toys in Space', and it held all the answers to what had been going on. In the story it explained how a space creature, called the Hoctopize, had been collecting all of the toys in it's search for its missing toy called Cuddles. He had realised that it was wrong to take other people's toys, so he had decided to deliver the toys back to earth by attaching parachutes to them.


The Polar Bears are now working really hard to learn the story in Talk For Writing lessons and are excited to write their own stories over the next few weeks.






Storytime with Nick Sharratt

On Friday 2nd December, KS 1 took part in a virtual visit with the author and illustrator Nick Sharratt. He read us his new book 'Shark in the Snow', told us some funny stories and helped us copy some of the pictures from his books in a 'draw-a-long. Have a look at the results!

Awesome art!

Year 1 have been enjoying their weekly lessons in the art room with Mrs Chamberlain. They recently created picture collages inspired by the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Can you spot yours?