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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 - The Penguins!


Thank you Penguins for a fantastic start to the new school year! We have been busy doing lots of exciting things and you have shown what hard workers you are!


Have a look below to see what we have been getting up to.

The Penguins are out of this world!


This half term, the Penguins have been looking into space! We have found out about astronauts and the pioneers who have travelled into space including Neil Armstrong and his crew, Tim Peake and Helen Sharman. We learnt about different planets and created some space themed art after looking at 'The Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh. In English, we read the story 'Man on the Moon' and practiced using time connectives so we could write out own day.


Check out all the amazing work Penguins have been doing at home! If you have any more work to share for the website, please send it to me!

Man on the Moon writing

'Girl on the Moon'

Still image for this video
Sophie's amazing story based on 'Man on the Moon' telling us about her day on the moon. Written, produced and read by the author herself!

Our work on number

Van Gogh and Chinese New Year!

Can you help Elvis?



Elvis is our class rooster. He loves learning with the Penguins, but sometimes he gets things a little wrong! Elvis has loved hearing about the way you have been adding in class and wanted to have a go. 

Unfortunately, he has made a few mistakes... Can you help by spotting his mistakes and teaching him the way to solve the problem? Please send me any pictures or videos to show Elvis!


Here is Elvis' working out:




Elvis' working out

Our home learning


Here's a sneaky peek at some of the work we have been doing while at home!


We've been measuring objects around the house using non-standard measurements. First we used our hands, but realised that there were some things that were too small so we weren't accurate. We then used Mr Tall to help us!




In English, we looked at the poem 'Winter'. We noticed that it had rhyming words (couplets) at the end of each line and that most lines contained a verb and a noun. We will be using this to write our own Christmas themed poem. Watch this space!





In art, we have been looking at different pop-ups so we can create a really special Christmas cards! Here are some of our box pop-up cards. Some even turned into books!



We had some fantastic poems based on the poem 'Winter'. Here are just a few examples!


Fantastic writing Penguins! :)

Here be dragons!


We have had an exciting start to our English work when we found dragon eggs! The children have been doing a lot of work thinking about what sort of dragons might be in the eggs. We read a wonderful book called 'Tell me a Dragon', which the children can read using our story map and actions, and we started writing our own pages.




The eggs hatched! But it must have been over the weekend as the dragons are nowhere to be seen! Many children in Penguins have reported sightings but we have yet to find them. We are going to be looking at designing dragon traps to try and get back those pesky lizards! 


While it wasn't raining, Penguins managed to go to our Woodland area to set up the traps they had designed. They worked in groups to create their traps and explained to the class how they worked. Some were very imaginative! Let's hope they catch our dragons!


Back in time!


The children have been thinking about history and what the past means. We thought about our own pasts and their school day. We then looked back at school for Mrs Kaliski and how it was different. After finding a stone on the school wall and watching the builders make our new school building, we started looking at the history of the school and found out school was a lot different over 100 years ago! 


Victorian Day


Thank you to all the children and their parents for making the effort to dress up and get involved to turn Penguins into a Victorian classroom for the day! The children had a fantastic day, although there were mixed reviews on whether school should stay Victorian or not! 


We had great fun reciting poems and our times tables, writing on slates and we even met a Victorian who told us about the jobs children had to do and pineapples! 


A Victorian gentleman answered our questions.


We used an 'abacus' and a slate to solve our arithmetic problems!