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Year 5

Harry Potter Wand Making Fun!

Harry Potter themed Woodland School

Welcome to Year 5!


Year 5 have been writing their own quest tales at home. We hope you enjoy reading some examples of our amazing writing:


Rapid yelled “Kai – over here!” with panic in his voice and they both hid behind a large rock coated in a strange red substance which looked mysteriously like blood. Rapid’s heart was racing. The beast’s teeth were like giant white icicles and sudden realization dawned on Rapid they he may never get off the island alive. 


“I certainly agree, the lightning from the storm is red or sometimes orange” murmured Romy in a slightly frightened voice. Then the wind started to howl like a wolf. The rain was smashing down on the deck like bullets against concrete. The moon started to turn a funny shade of green. 


Amelia felt scared so she hid behind a massive tree with a thousand branches. She started to shake like a rattle snake so James hugged her to make her feel happy and calm. 


The air was an oven. Everybody’s hearts thudded. All of them knew that this may be their last voyage.  


Staring into the haze, I could hear the distant growl of a strange creature. My heart began to race. My hands shook. Cold sweat trickled down my scrunched-up face. Goose bumps rose like mountains all over my skin. I gripped my sling tight. 



The night sky was black as coal, the wind howled like a wolf, as the cold air blew through the wooden panelled window. 


It was a very hot day when they set off, the sun shone like a light bulb high in the sky and its heat was burning their skin. As they got closer to the forest, it began to turn colder. The leaves on the trees blocked the sunlight and the sky became darker. As they took the first step into the forest a twig snapped making them all jump!  They froze. They stopped.  



He took a step in and the wind started to whip his face, chills scratched down his arms. Vagnar slowly tip toed closer in. He stopped, as a faint cackle drifted on the wind. Suddenly, a cloaked person ran over to him and screamed “The dark Lord has destroyed our village. Help. Help!” 


A kaleidoscope of colour filled my eyes as scarlet macaws flew past calling out to the jungle. I could hear the buzz of mosquitos ringing in my ears. My neck was red from bug bites and my throat was dry like sand paper. Suddenly, I heard a twig break. I snapped my head around to the direction of where I thought the sound had come from. I saw nothing. But if I looked closer, I could just make out some buildings. I walked towards them. They looked very old and derelict. Decay had ridden them from there once beautiful selves. Leaves danced gracefully in the wind twirling like ribbons. It was silent apart from the wind which cooed softly like a dove. To my shock a little girl stepped out from the shadows. “Mama! Mama! Where are you?” the girl called. 


I asked my brother what that feeling was but when he opened his mouth to reply a huge monster dived out of the haze and started clawing at our longboat. Every time it hit; it took at least two men. After a while, the boat disagreed with this and made a failed attempt to swerve around the monster. We tried throwing everything we had on board at it and the last thing I heard was a bloodcurdling scream and our boat began to sink. The water was forcing us down and taking our men into the open sea. The monster let out an angry roar and breathed out an angry fire that ate away at our ship. Suddenly the ship that had seconds before seemed so reliable gave way… 


Valhalla and his men locked their eyes on the village in the distance. They chose that one because it had weapons, soldiers, food, iron and metal. Once they got there the men raided, rampaged and ransacked the houses, burning the village to a dusty heap. Many lives were lost and horror filled the air, the blood-curdling screams could be heard for miles. Then the ground rumbled… 



A muddy mess

We have had a busy and exciting first half term back in Year 5. To finish off our half term, we have spent 3 days exploring the properties of materials and how to separate them. 


First we learnt about Reversible and Irreversible changes. We tested bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and quickly learnt that this was irreversible due to a new gas being produced. Thankfully, the sun was shining and we were able to venture outside and test out what happens when mentos sweets are added to diet coke. 



This irreversible change highlighted the importance of having a stable base to carry out the investigation on. 


For the remaining two days we investigated different ways to separate materials such as a salt solution and a muddy mixture.