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Greek Day

Greek Day 1
Greek Day 2
Greek Day 3
Greek Day 4
Greek Day 5
Greek Day 6

Greek Day


Year 4 celebrated the end of their Ancient Greek topic with a fantastic Greek Day.


The children arrived in their brilliant outfits (thank you to the costume creators!) and settled in for a day of Ancient Greece themed activities.


They 'translated' their Battle of Marathon letters using the Greek alphabet; solved some calculations using Greek numbers and investigate words we use today that come from Greek.


In the afternoon, the children stepped out into the glorious sunshine to take part in their own Olympic games. Thank you to all the adults who joined us for some running, jumping and throwing. A special thank you to our wonderful Year 6 Sports Leaders who helped run the events.


A great day was had by all!

Easter Experience

Year 4 welcomed some wonderful visitors who taught us all about the Easter Story.


We enjoyed brilliant activities and linked many aspects of the Easter Story to our own lives. First, we looked at the Last Supper and thought about how we remember people and events. Then, we visited the Garden of Gethsemane and discussed what we stand up for. Next, we watched a video about the crucifixion and talked about how other people help us. Finally, we acted out the resurrection of Jesus and made pictures to show how we can bring light back into darkness.


It was a fantastic day filled with fun activities and songs!

Year 4 Rainforest Learning Cafe

Year 4 Rainforest Learning Cafe 1
Year 4 Rainforest Learning Cafe 2
Year 4 Rainforest Learning Cafe 3
Year 4 Rainforest Learning Cafe 4
Year 4 Rainforest Learning Cafe 5
Year 4 Rainforest Learning Cafe 6

During our rainforest topic, Year 4 have learnt about the different layers of the rainforest as well as the different animals that live there. They have also discussed the issue of deforestation and why we are losing our valuable rainforests so quickly. Many of the children spoke of this issue quite passionately so the Year 4 Team decided to make this the focus of our Rainforest Learning Cafe.


Year 4 and their families enjoyed a wonderful afternoon filled with rainforest activities and healthy rainforest inspired snacks. They also listened to 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynne Cherry to highlight why we need to protect the rainforests.


During the afternoon, they created some fantastic drawings, wrote poems and thought about what they could do to help protect the rainforest.


Thank you to everyone who came along and who helped at this event.


Year 4 Team