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During Christian Aid Week 2022, everyone in the school has been learning about Christian Aid and their work to support people living in poverty and tackling injustice. In Snow Leopards and Dolphins, we have been learning about how our lives are connected with others all around the world, focusing on the Christian Aid resource: Shared Planet. We responded to what we have learnt by creating posters, poems and songs. Here is some of our fantastic work:

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Water Cycle Bag

Fancy a Science challenge over the Easter holidays? Have a go at making your own water cycle bag!


Mark on the clear plastic bag each stage of the water cycle – use the diagram you have just completed to help you - ensuring you have the key stages of evaporation, condensation and precipitation marked on there. If you want to add houses, trees etc you can.


Next, fill a cup with regular tap water. Then add a couple of drops of blue food colouring to it to make it stand out. Swirl the cup of water a few times to mix the colouring until it’s a nice, solid blue.


Now, carefully pour the water into the plastic bag and zip it closed. Make sure it’s nice and tight! You don’t want any water to be able to escape. 



Once your water has been added to the bag and it’s sealed up, it’s time to hang it up on a window! Pick a window that gets a lot of sunshine for best results.


Cut two long pieces of tape and stick them to the corners of your bag. Then, press the tape tightly to the window - you don’t want your bag to fall down!


Wait a couple of hours and check on your experiment. You should see a change in your bag between two hours and 1 day (depending on the amount of sun and the time of day you started).


Eventually, you will begin to see droplets of water sticking to the side of the bag. Some of these will be up high (in the clouds) while other droplets will be on their way back down (like rain).



Why does this happen?


It’s because the water in the bag is being heated up against the sunny window. That water turns into a gas through a process called evaporation. In nature, evaporated water vapour goes into the atmosphere, but in our bag, it has nowhere to go, so in ends up sticking to the side of the bag, turning back into a liquid as condensation. That condensed water then slides back into the pool of water below as ‘rain’.

Easter in a box


Year 4 were delighted to welcome back Andy and the team from Raise for 'Easter in a Box'; a look at the Easter story with a special movie twist.

The children enjoyed a range of activities that helped them gain a greater understanding of the Easter story.

A massive thank you to Andy and the team from Raise for a wonderful morning in Snow Leopards and afternoon in Dolphins.

Christmas in a Box


Today the children were visited by Andy and his colleagues from Raise who taught the children about the Christmas story.

The children looked at the individual stories of the key people in the Christmas story and completed creative activities based on each of them.

We particularly liked making little versions of ourselves to go in our Christmas boxes!

Thank you to all those involved.

The Year 4 team.

Christmas in a Box