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Year 6

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This week's homework pages due in Wednesday 20th March 2024

Maths Pages: 72 and 73

GPS Pages: 70 and 71


Homework Clinic:

If you need support with your homework or time in school to complete it, Mr Harding will be available every Monday after school in Narwhal class if you want to drop in for some help and/or time.

Remembrance Artwork 

In Art lesson this week, children have been reflecting on Remembrance Sunday. Below you can see a sample of their beautiful poppy water colours which are on display in the school near Mr Harding's office. 

Pedro the Music man - A workshop for Narwhals and Macaws.

On October 31st, two classes were lucky enough to take part in an excellent workshop, run by Pedro, where we learned all about traditional, ancient musical instruments from southern Africa. We were all 'blown away' by the beautiful sounds that Pedro made using the simplest of everyday objects and finding out about their origins.

Inheritance and Evolution.

We carried out an investigation into the different shapes of birds' beaks and which foods they were best adapted for. It was clear that some beaks were better suited for large seeds and others for grabbing small insects. This will help us to understand our future learning or variation, inherited characteristics and adaptation.

Beak Investigation

Facing our fears.

This half-term in English we are learning all about phobias, writing a 'fear' tale and a erport about unusual phobias. To get us in the right frame of mind, we completed a 'bush-tucker' style challenge with mysterious objects in hidden boxes. We had to describe and then guess what the objects were.

Facing our fears.