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Year 6

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Wednesday 7th July

Here is the link to your Home Learning for this one special day. See you all on Thursday!


Religious Education - Who is God to you?



This half-term in our Religious Education we have been exploring the nature of God. "Who is God to you?" has been the Big Question we have explored, looking at what it means to be Holy and how the other aspects of God are shown in the Bible. We studied parts of the Old and New Testaments to see how descriptions of God have changed over time and what this tells us about the times in which these were written.  



We also explored Christian churches and how they differ between denominations. We discussed the difference between a Cross and a Crucifix and how these have different meanings to different Christian worldviews. We looked at Baptism and how this differs between traditions - with some churches having their own pools or using rivers to Baptise adults.


The children had some excellent ideas, asking philosophical questions about the nature of God and what this means for Christians and Hindus. 



Victorian Life and Learning

This term we are venturing back to the Victorian Era in our learning. In our writing we have explored the story of Shadow Play and learnt how family was not always what it seemed in Victorian times. We enjoyed reading your brilliant "writing in voice" as you captured to clipped tones of Aunt Sophie. Indeed! 


We learnt about how the Industrial Revolution brought great riches for some and hardship for others in the loss of their craft. In Computing we celebrated the work of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace in designing the first computers and writing the first computer programs - all made from brass and wood and running on hand cranked power. 


In the second half-term we are continuing our Victorian learning in History and English. We studied the 1845 poem The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, looking at its Gothic themes and how this style of writing influences modern classics such as Dracula and Frankenstein.