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What our children say

Right from the first day of year three until the last week of year six, fun was something that occurred every day.  The opportunities were endless, however, if you want me to name a few they consist of: swimming, music, sports teams etc.  The school is an amazing environment to be in.  Everyone will help you, be kind to you and care for you.  I was lucky enough to become a House Captain and I met everyone in the school and the pride you beam with when they ask you for help is amazing.  Through being a reading buddy I got to help a trio of year threes’ with their learning, it’s awesome feeling and experience.  The school is just a delightful place to be and I know that it only wants to be the best in you. The memories are phenomenal and the teachers you meet and get taught by are as kind as kind can be and they will help you.  The school gave me ambition and the teachers helped me achieve it.