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What our parents say

Since joining Hethersett Junior last September Lily has really excelled both in her education and personal wellbeing. She has thrived academically and socially. Lily has a fantastic friendship group of whom she sees regularly outside of school. There has not been a single day that Lily has not looked forward to going to school and thrives on everything it provides for her which is a real joy to see.

The school have always been extremely proactive in communication and support wherever required. The teaching staff are a real asset to the school, right from the breakfast club through to the head teacher, all fantastic.

We are so impressed with the school and cannot wait for our son to move up to Hethersett Junior next term. Whatever interaction you have with the school it is always dealt with promptly, professionally and without hesitation.

My son has been diagnosed with Autism, which brings with it a range of different educational needs. Making sure that these issues are handled carefully and with care is crucial to his happiness and academic progress.

Hethersett VC Junior School has worked hard to accommodate his requirements and he has made significant academic and social progress since joining the school.

The school is always open for me to talk about any concerns, and as a parent I feel that my opinion is valued and every child is treated as an individual.

I think that the proof of Hethersett VC Junior School’s successful approach is visible in my son’s happiness and in the educational and personal advancements that he continues to make every day.

Our association with HJS started six years ago when we moved to Norwich and our son, now in high school, transferred into year 4, and continues with our younger child who is now moving into Year 6. Throughout these years we have found the teachers and staff supportive of our children’s learning needs and responsive to our concerns. While the KS2 curriculum is well supported, it is the range activities beyond the set curriculum that enriches learning so effectively, including school trips and residentials, music concerts, sports clubs, dance shows, chess, literary talks, cipher club, eco club, science fairs, swimming, and so much more. The PTA organises a series of events throughout the year as well, which the children enjoy, but also allows us parents to engage with the school directly. The emphasis and activities around reading and literacy in year 5 have been outstanding!

As parents/carers we all seek a school environment where our children will thrive, where learning will excite them, where they feel safe and happy, and where they are prepared for the next chapter in secondary school. Hethersett Junior School has met and exceeded all these expectations for both our children!

Parent Survey 2018