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Community Cup

Each week we award our 'Community Cup' to a child who has been observed carrying out an act of kindness. 


Examples of children nomintated so far are:


Mrs Kaliski noticed that he offered to swap his fruit snack with another member of the class when they were upset that they did not like theirs. He did this without being prompted and said that 'he 'didn't mind, if they wanted to swap.' He saw someone was upset and thought about what he could do to make them feel better. 


****  is consistently kind and polite to his peers and adults. He spoke very fondly of his friends in class who 'always help and support me'. When speaking with him about his love for football this week, he told me he loves it because he enjoys talking and playing with his friends. The way he spoke about the game truly reflected his appreciation that it was not only about winning but working together towards a common goal - a fantastic team player! 


Mrs Lightwing has nominated **** for being extremely helpful and kind towards the younger children in ecoclub, looking out for them and asking sure they have somewhere to sit and know where to go.


‘**** would like to set up his own charity when he is an adult which would provide people with a house and presents. ‘**** described a friends as someone who “is like your best friend, if you’re lonely they’ll play with you.”  He is always also extremely polite and never fails to say please and thank you!

I would also like to nominate **** for the community cup. Everyday this week, when she has finished her lunch, **** has shared her book from home, quietly reading to other children nearby who want to hear about her book. She is promoting a love of reading in our classroom and taking her time to support others with their reading too. Well done ****!


Please can I nominate **** in Puffins first. In PE a classmate fell over during a hectic game of Fruit Salad and **** jumped straight up and went to see if the boy was okay, not worrying he may miss his turn