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Summer Learning


Please use the links below to view or download copies of the Summer Learning files. Some documents contain links to websites or to other documents. Please read the headings carefully. For instance, if your child is currently in Year 3 and will be joining Year 4 in September, you should complete the activities under the "For children who will be joining Year 4" heading. 


If you have any problems accessing these files or need files printing, please contact the school office by 8am on Tuesday 21st July. 


Wishing you all a wonderful and safe summer,


The Staff of Hethersett VC Primary School


Whole School Writing Project

To get everyone writing over the summer, Mr Harding has designed a writing project all about his favourite thing: chocolate cake. We hope you have as much fun writing as Mr Harding did - maybe your grown-ups at home can have a go too?


Children will be guided through the process by videos and audio sections from Mr Harding. Because of this, the files are quite big so can take a little while to load or there may be a short delay between you pressing play on a video and it starting. All of the lessons can be viewed within your web browser so there is no need to download  them but you are welcome to if you wish. The lessons are longer than we usually do in school so you may wish to split them over a number of days or weeks. 


  1. Thinking about food 
  2. Reading as a reader
  3. Internalising the text
  4. Imitation
  5. Boxing Up
  6. Experimenting with words
  7. Year specific learning
  8. Planning your own poem
  9. Making a word bank
  10. Starting your poem
  11. Finishing and editing your poem
  12. Performing your poem


You may find the following hand-outs and worksheets helpful when writing. These can be downloaded and printed at home if you wish. 


For children who will be joining Year 3

For children who will be joining Year 4

For children who will be joining Year 5