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Art Challenge

Mrs Chamberlain has lots of exciting Art Challenges planned to keep you creating, drawing, painting and modelling over the coming weeks. 


You are welcome to email your creations to Mrs Chamberlain at We love to share your creations on our website or social media feeds, so please make it clear in your email that your grown-ups at home are happy for your first name, year group and photos of your art work to be shared. 

Challenge 5  - Wonderful Water Lilies

As the weather this week is supposed to be warm, I thought I'd set a challenge you can do outside if you choose to. Inspired by Beatrix Potter's beautiful illustration featuring Peter Rabbit and Mr McGregor's lily pond and by the many extraordinary painting by Impressionist painter Claude Monet.

So, my challenge is to produce a paper water lily that blooms when you put it into water. As the paper absorbs the water, the fibres expand. It’s called capillary action.

You will need:

White printer paper



Felt pens

Some circular objects to draw round

A shallow dish of water

You need to make three flowers, small, medium and large.












I used a side plate, a bowl and a cup and then used smaller objects to draw middles. Draw in your petals. It doesn’t matter how many. Once you’ve finished you can colour them and the centre in.

You will then need to fold the petals in:

Insert them one inside the next.

Grip them together gently.......

And place them onto water and watch them bloom! Click on this link to view a video of when we did this activity in school with some of our Key Worker children. It was great fun! You can pin the flowers up to try and re-use them again. 


If you fancy seeing more great paintings, why not visit The National Gallery’s website and take part in a virtual tour


Challenge 4 - Springtime Series (using ICT)

I thought I would create an ICT Art Challenge this week as I myself have been inspired to use a drawing app on my iPad. This came about as recently having seen an article in the newspaper about David Hockney, who is one of Britain's most influential 20th century artist, at the age of 82 shared his most recent work. All of which was created using an app called ‘Brushes Redux’.

Some of you may recognise this painting from 1967- A Bigger Splash

He now lives in Normandy in France. During the Lockdown he has been using his iPad to draw the spring trees and flowers as a way of escaping from what is going on around us.

He released one called ‘Remember They Can’t Cancel the Spring’ as well as 9 others!


So, I downloaded the app to see how easy it is to use, had a go and its fab!


I always think of blossom in spring so created a a picture of a cherry tree in blossom. I then played about with the filters and created a series of three (see the photos below)


What will you do? What image represents spring for you? Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing what you’ve done.


Challenge 3 - Glorious Graphics

Andy Warhol was an artist who started out as a graphic designer. He became one of the founders of a movement called ‘POP ART’.

One of his artworks was a can of Campbells soup, to show that art doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. Art is around us in many forms of design. He created different versions using bright bold colours.

His black and white coca cola bottle sold for $35.36 million in 2010!


The label of a can tells us what is inside but also must grab our attention and stand out amongst all the others.

Can you think of the craziest thing you could put in a can, bottle or box and create a label for it? Maybe its unicorn tears, side splitting jokes, frog snot!!???


Remember to clearly write what your packaging contains, maybe a name for your company. Your illustration should give a clue to what’s contained within. Consider flavour, colour etc.


The first thing you will need to do is find an empty can, bottle or box. Make a paper label. Cut it to the right size so that it covers the current label. Draw your design and colour it in and then attach.


Enjoy and I can’t wait to see your creations!


Challenge 2- My View

As we are all spending so much time indoors now, I thought my next challenge should be about what we see from our windows at home.

Below are some examples of work by famous artists: 1 Pierre Bonnard, 2 Vincent Van Gogh, 3 Henri Mattise, 4 Rene Magritte, 5 Pablo Picasso

How to create your window

Find a window in your home that you’d like to draw. First draw the shape of the window, the still life objects on the windowsill to form a frame on your page. Keep it quite simple, use line and cross hatching, using pencil or a black pen only. Cut the "glass" area out of the picture to create a window (this will make more sense at the end). 


Then draw your view through the window, use colour for this so it creates a contrast between the simple world inside and the amazing world outside. You could try to create as photograph like picture as you can. Or you could try to use an Impressionist or other artistic style we have studied in our lessons.  You  could even make up what your view is!


Finally, lay your black and white window frame over the colourful world to complete the artwork. I look forward to seeing your final creations!


Challenge 1


Let your imagination go wild! Create a journey using different modes  of transport - the crazier the better!


Draw yourself as a stick person at the bottom left of your page and then your house/friend's house palace/ school/ castle/ planet in the top right corner. Trace a meandering route from start to end and fill in your journey with lots of different ways of travelling. You could do a route including your favourite animals or landmarks from around the world!


You are welcome to email your creations to Mrs Chamberlain at


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