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Golden Child

To promote and reward children flourishing and demonstrating the school's Christain values, a children from each class is selected weekly and awarded a special certificate and recognition in our weekly celebration collective worship.


Examples of children receiving our weekly the award:


She has been a brilliant friend to all of the children and adults this week. ****  has also shown real responsibility to calm herself down if she is feeling cross and has used these techniques in the classroom. You have had such a brilliant week, keep it up!


Penguin's Golden Child this week is **** for her resilience and bravery tackling many challenges this week. She has attempted these without any complaint and has shown fantastic progress in both maturity and her learning. You always try so hard **** and it is really showing in everything you do. Keep it up!


**** always gives 100%. Mr Harding knows that he can rely on **** to read and respond to the feedback left in her work. She listens to advice and follows it to improve her work and challenge herself every day.

Yesterday, all of the Narwhals and Penguins did so well, reading together and Mr Harding was especially impressed with the support that **** gave to ****. Well done to both of them!


Snow Leopard's Golden Child this week is **** for working incredibly

hard with all his learning, but particularly in maths. **** finds this subject challenging

but has shown great resilience recently. He never gives up and keeps trying his best in every lesson. 

**** is very quiet and shy but for the last few weeks he has been putting up his hand to

answer questions in maths and I can see him becoming more and more confident with

his learning every day. A fantastic effort and lots of hard work shown, ****. Well done!


Otters' golden child is ****. This week, **** has shown great maturity and compassion when working with other children. He has taken the time to patiently listen to others as well as share his own ideas and knowledge. This respectful and positive attitude allows **** to tackle any challenge that he faces, and sets a brilliant examples for others. Well done ****!