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Woodland School

The ‘Woodland Schools’ area is used regularly by the children for a whole range of outdoor activities. There is a seating area which is used to introduce tasks and it is a great place to safely enjoy a fire when we have one. We have used that to cook at various times. Pupils have carried out a whole range of construction tasks using the vast array of natural materials to be found there. These include shelter building, woodland art and sculpture, as well as other team building challenges. We teach a whole range of useful knots which come in handy for these. We also use the space to find out more about trees and their leaves, mini-beasts and birds. It is a place where we can experience the four seasons - we like to get out whatever the weather! We have sets of waterproofs if children don’t have their own. In summary, the area gives us all a chance to enjoy the great outdoors, take on a range of challenges, work safely together and connect with the natural world.  More information can be found here.